Restaurant Review : L’Avenue

Hands-down one of my favorite restaurants in Montreal. It has everything you could ask for : great food, great service, great ambiance and great decoration.

This restaurant is always, but I mean *always* busy, which already tells you a lot. The vibe is laid back, relaxed, fun and you can tell that everyone is having a nice time. Even the waiters are super pleasant and friendly!

One of the really fun and unique aspects of L’Avenue are is that the decoration changes quite often so there is generally something new and funky to check out. It’s a bit funny to say this but my favorite part of the decorations is in the bathroom. There is a tv in each bathroom!!! (since the restaurant is not that big, there are only two individual bathrooms) There are also graffitis all over the walls, and white lights. It’s easy to end up taking a bit of extra time in there just to enjoy whatever they’re playing.

Moving on to the food. Where do I even begin? I’ve loved everything I’ve ever had there. From their burgers to their salads to their brunch menu. The fries are incredible. The burgers will haunt your dreams. The food presentation is really simple and nice, and the portions are good for the price you are paying. 

All that to say that if you live in Montreal, I can’t believe you haven’t been yet!! And if you’re visiting Montreal, it’s definitely worth your time to go, especially since the restaurant is located in the Plateau Mont Royal, where there is an abundance of boutiques to check out. 

Montrealers, what do you think? Have you been? Do you love it as much as I do?

Visiters, did you get a chance to try it out? 

Restaurant L’Avenue

922 Avenue Mont-Royal Est, Montreal, H2J 1X1

(514) 523-8780


{ View from the street – during the summer, the door and big window are left open, so street watching is an added bonus }

Image{ View from inside }


{ Funky light set up with graffitis on the wall }

Image{ Graffitis and white light…in the bathroom! }




Image{ Nothing quite like a tall glass of ice cold water on a warm summer night }

Image{ Club sandwich with incredibly tasty fries }

Image{ Brinner anyone ? (Brinner = breakfast + dinner) Omelette with tons of veggies, bacon, topped with a lovely salad }

Image{ Close-up of the omelette. It was actually so filling that I had the rest for breakfast the next day }









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