Welcome to my world

I love Montreal. I love everything about this city (well, almost everything…not so crazy about the winter). There is always something to do, a new restaurant to discover, a new boutique to visit. I love going to Old Montreal and feel as though I am back in the streets of Paris, and then going on Sainte-Catherine street for endless shopping, and finish off with a visit to one of the many numerous museums. The nights in Montreal are lively with people and energy, especially in the summer time. On weekends, brunch joints are buzzing with chatter. This city has so much to offer to people from different background, interests and ages.

I cannot emphasize enough how much I love Montreal, which is why I decided to pour my love into this blog and to show to the world the thousand things it has to offer, but also help Montrealers re-discover their city.

I am excited that this blog is finally coming to fruition and I’m really looking forward to sharing different aspects of this city with my readers! I hope that I can give you a glimpse into this beautiful city, my city, Montreal.


{ Old Montreal at dusk }



{ Beautiful church in Old Montreal }


{ Architecture reminiscent of Paris }


{ Beautiful ceiling in a mall downtown }



{ Closed off street for the summer time }



Osheaga music festival held every summer }


{ ‘Banantella’ brownie from Juliette & Chocolat..banana + nutella = brownie : can’t go wrong with that! } 





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