{ Family Jewels }

Accessorizing is such an easy and fun way to add the finishing touch to any outfit because it can refine a particular style that you are going for. For example, if you are wearing jeans, flats and a cute top, simple or more delicate pieces are more appropriate. But if you are going out, this is the time to wear your craziest accessories!

Even though I am still working on my collection of ‘jewels’ to find useful and unique pieces that work together, I have a few pieces, many of which are sentimental. I am not showing any of the ‘family jewels’ (spiked your attention there with that title ey?) because a lot of them are technically still my mom’s…even though I have shot-gunned my favorites because I have two sisters to compete with for the most amazing jewelry, most from different parts of the Middle East where the gold and gems are breathtaking.

I also love using some of my jewelry as decoration on my dresser, especially the ones that I wear almost on a daily basis. Seeing some of these items reminds me to wear them and change it up from the usual pieces that I wear.

What do you think of these few items that I have chosen: which one is your favorite piece? Is there an item in your collection that you are particularly fond of? Does it have sentimental value to you? What’s the story behind it?

[ Project #92 from IFB.com ]



{ The pink cuff bracelet is from BCBG, and the far right is a Coach bracelet – two of my favourites! }


{ My boyfriend spoils me silly – the Thomas Sabo charm bracelet is so sentimental to me because each charm has a story behind it. Then the Swarosvki necklace is one of of my favourites because I always wanted something like that since I was a little, but now it was given to be by someone very special. And on the right, an amazing Coach cuff that I love because it adds a pop of color to any outfit }


{ These are the necklaces I wear the most often and they each have sentimental value. The key (on the left) was given to me by my boyfriend. The little gold heart was a gift from my family from Iran. The Swarosvki heart pendant was a gift from my sister – she bought one for herself and my older sister as well. The wishbone is from Marc Jacobs and I LOVE it. And on top, there is a little vial with a prayer inside for protection and a heart pendant. My cousin made one for my sister, her sister and herself. }


{ I LOVE wearing rings, but these are my favourites. I stole the left one from my Dad (it’s his engineering ring). I’ve always been very close to my Dad and love carrying around something of his with me. The middle one was a gift from my Mom and I just adore the intricate designs and patterns of this ring. The ring on the right was…a gift from my boyfriend on our last trip to Mexico. It’s pure silver and pure heaven. I love that it’s size and shape the most } 


{ Even though I have a huge collection of earrings, I spent a long time looking for the perfect pair of studs that I can wear every day, and I’ve worn them every day since I bought it a few weeks ago }



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