Restaurant Review { Quoi de n’oeuf }

I absolutely love finding a little ‘treasure’ and being able to go on a regular basis because it’s really nice to be able to enjoy an experience over and over again. I also like keeping these little treasures secret, which is why for a split second, I hesitated whether or not I should do a blog post on this restaurant, Quoi de n’oeuf (don’t you already just love the name? – a simple translation would be ‘what’s new’ but they did a play on words to incorporate ‘egg’ in it) But then I decided, better to share the joy because I truly love it. This little brunch spot is so cute, affordable, and just so darn good you’ll just want to go back over and over again (like I’ve been doing).

In the winter time, it’s really cozy, with the smell of coffee in the air and the buzzing of chatter all morning, while in the summer time, they open the big bay windows, which makes you feel like you are sitting on the sidewalk so it’s great to enjoy the weather but also for people watching (for other creepers like me who like to observe people…)

There are a good variety of options on the menu, some of which are different than what you would usually find for brunch in other restaurants. The omelets are served in a hot skillet (I usually order the vegetarian one but I took something different this time so I don’t have a picture of it!), there are waffles and crepes, your basic egg-ham-potato plate, French toast, and eggs benedict.

I really love this place because the ambiance is so warm and welcoming, the energy is positive because people are enjoying themselves, the service is good, especially considering that it is always busy, and the food is really delicious and totally affordable!

I’ve had the vegetarian omelet, which was really good and tasty, the strawberry waffle which was oh-so-good, and the eggs and ham and potatoes plate. I also ordered a side of French toast this time and I was actually disappointed. My boyfriend always orders the same thing: a crepe stuffed with eggs and sausage. I’m pretty sure that’s the only thing he’s ever had there. Yes, that’s how good it is!

Quoi de n’oeuf resto-café

2745 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal

(514) 931-3999



{ Sausage and egg stuffed crepe }

Image{ Ham, eggs, potatoes, bread, and a side of french toast }





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