Restaurant Review { Zero 8 }

There are so many restaurants in Montreal that it sometimes becomes hard to keep track of the ones that I want to try. This was the case with Zero 8, a restaurant that caught my attention last summer while walking on Saint-Denis, but I had completely forgotten about it until last weekend.

After a long and hard day of shopping (I know, life can be rough sometimes), we decided that we wanted to go find a cute spot on Saint-Denis to grab dinner and chit-chat the night away (because we obviously didn’t talk enough while shopping) Needless to say, we had a hard time finding a place that had less than 45 minutes wait time, except for Zero 8. In fact, the manager was quite accommodating and grabbed our number so that we could go walk around and they texted us when our table was ready, about 25 minutes later.

The restaurant is geared towards individuals with allergies, so the menu is pretty typical, but the food is prepared in a way that excludes a lot of allergens such as fish and seafood, gluten, nuts, milk, soya and eggs. Therefore the menu offers mostly ‘staples’, such as burgers, sandwiches, pasta and steak, some of them with a twist, and others with healthy choices like a side of pesto quinoa instead of fries.

I chose the chicken sandwich with homemade fries, while my friends both ordered the lamb burger with fries as well. The burgers are served on a particular homemade bun made with cassava (also known as manioc), which gave it an interesting taste and texture. The bread was light, chewy on the outside and soft on the inside, and had a particular taste that I am having a hard time putting into words. Needless to say, it wasn’t bad at all.

My sandwich was pretty okay, nothing particularly outstanding. There was a sauce that made the sandwich a bit more interesting (I’m pretty sure they used curry in the sauce but it didn’t mention anything about it on the menu), while the girls’ lamb burger was the same, nothing extraordinary. I did enjoy the fries though, but I feel as though I could probably just make them myself at home…and not have to pay an extra $2 for their homemade mayonnaise (sorry!)

I think that this restaurant is a really option for people with allergies because it does make you feel as though you are in a typical restaurant and have all the options that you would usually see, but other than that, it wasn’t exceptional.

Beyond the food, the décor was pretty simple and sleek, and it got really busy and loud after 9 PM, which affected the quality of the service. We waited a long time to order our food, but didn’t have to wait long to get it, and had to wait a REALLY long time for our bills. But the staff was friendly and they were just very busy. 

For anyone who has dietary restrictions, worth checking out, for anyone who is interested in some unique items such as French fries with smoked duck or corn fusilli with portobello mushrooms, pesto, tomatoes and garlic.

Zero 8 

1735 rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, H2X 3K4

(514) 658-5552




{ Cutie # 1 }


{ Cutie #2 and me }

Image{ Lamb burger }

Image{ Chicken sandwich }




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