Restaurant Review { Olive & Gourmando }

Tucked away in one of the quaint streets of Old Montreal, Olive & Gourmando is a little treasure of this city. Offering a range of incredible sandwiches (warm and cold), soups and salads, as well as deliciously hand-made pastries and baked goods, Olive & Gourmando is an absolute must.

The restaurant is packed on weekends and very busy around lunch time on weekdays. But trust me, it’s worth the wait. Whether you want breakfast, lunch, or a coffee with a dessert, this restaurant is so unique with its rustic décor and high quality food. On weekends, the place is packed with friends relaxing and enjoying great food. You will also always see a few individuals sitting and enjoying a nice cup of coffee and a pastry, because the vibe in the place is so energetic and positive.

Even when the place is packed, the service has been efficient and very pleasant, which is just another excuse why this place is worth visiting at least once. Your order is actually taken at a counter in the back where the menu is written on chalkboards.  

The breakfast sandwich (‘poached egg on your face’) is to DIE for – I would literally eat one every day if I could: “a warm grilled Panini filled with poached egg salad, Comte cheese, prosciutto, and roasted tomatoes.” The coffees are really good as well, and the pastries are fresh and comparable to the ones found in France.

I’ve also tried the Cubain, a hot Panini with “ham, braised pork, homemade mayonnaise (chipotle peppers, pickles, lime, and coriander) with gruyere cheese.”

The food at Olive & Gourmando is truly amazing and the ambiance is so nice, even if it’s just to have a coffee and pastry. I can’t emphasize enough: you. must. go.

351 Saint Paul St. West, Montreal

(514) 350.1083

ImageImageImageImage{ The menu is found at the back where you can order at the counter }

ImageImageImage{ Chocolate-banana brioche : the intense dark chocolate is balanced by the buttery-flakey pastry and the soft taste of banana }

Image{ Coconut and chocolate chip cookie is deliciously crunchy and sweet }

Image{ Homemade ginger iced tea (left) and raspberry lemonade (right) }

ImageImage{ Cajun chicken sandwich : chicken, guacamole, cajun spices, tomatoes and mangoes }

{ Drool-worthy }
{ The Cuban : ham, braised pork, homemade mayo (chipotle peppers, pickles, lime, coriander), and gruyere cheese }

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