Shopping Review { Brandy Melville }

Brandy Melville opened its doors about a month ago in downtown Montreal and I was curious to discover this Italian brand “inspired by L.A. lifestyle” that is defined as ‘refined and fashionable’. I love that downtown Montreal is getting new brands and new stores because it means that shopping is getting better and there is a wider variety of styles to choose from.

The first thing that I noticed was the interior décor as well as the window treatment of the store, which are really well done: elaborate and eye-catching. Inside the store, clothes are presented on shelves on the walls on both sides, and tables throughout the store.

The service was also very good: there were many sales associates girls throughout the whole store available to help and they were all friendly, offering to answer questions without being overbearing.

The store did offer a lot of options in terms of clothes, but I felt overwhelmed when I walked in – I didn’t even know where to begin. Although I didn’t try anything on, I wasn’t sure about the fit because all the items are one-sized and I question whether I would be able to easily find pieces that is supposed to fit many different body types well.

There were a lot of accessories and trinkets that I thought were fun and unique, things that would be great for gifts. The prices were also accessible: tank tops for $15-25 or rings for $7.

Overall, I would give Brandy Melville a fair chance and go back to sort through the clothes, especially since there is a big hype around this brand.

Have you gone to Brandy Melville? What did you think? Did you like it? Find anything special?

Brandy Melville

1188 Saint-Catherine West



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