Restaurant Review { Deville DinerBar }

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, Deville is the perfect example of a restaurant worth revisiting over and over again. The differentiating factor between a ‘good’ restaurant and a ‘great’ one is their ability to offer great breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, without forgetting a mouthwatering dessert menu. I keep on going back to Deville because there are so many amazing options on the menu that I want to try everything, and have yet to been disappointed.

There isn’t a thing not to love about this restaurant. The decoration is simple and classy. The service has always been amazing – I love it when the waiters are professional but also friendly. The food is delicious and the menu is unique and creative. What more could you ask for?

The Ceasar salad is really good, especially the crunchy cheese topper and the croutons that were full of taste and had just the right about of brunch. The won-ton mac-and-cheese bites…I dream of these. Not only is the idea brilliant, but they taste incredible! The hot-dog sliders were so good I wish they had them in regular size as a main dish. Although I’m not big on seafood, the ahi-tuna tacos are really good.

The La Brasa Chicken Sandwich with the shoe-string fries had really well-blended combinations: chicken, swiss cheese, Amarillo sauce, grilled pineapple and ham. I also had the bacon weaved meat loaf – the sauce was indescribably good (described as ‘truffled mushroom ragu’), and the portion was so big that I had it for lunch the next day. The Macho salad is a really good option if you are trying to stay healthy.

And my-oh-my, the beignets. These babies have to be ordered 30 minutes before you want them (we ordered them when we received our main meals). They are freshly made are served hot with a caramel sauce and a thick chocolate bourbon sauce. Even though I am chocoholic, the caramel sauce worked the best. There are about 9 in each box and I was over-dosing in sugar by the third one. These delicious beignets are a definite MUST. Another amazing dessert is the fried french toast, topped with ice cream and a strawberry coulis – Amazing!

If you couldn’t tell, I would definitely recommend Deville. Great vibe, great food, great location – what more could you want?

Deville Dinnerbar

1425 Stanley

(514) 281.6556


{ Ahi-tuna tacos }Image

{ Won-ton stuffed with mac & cheese }ImageImage

{ Caesar salad }ImageImage

{ La Brasa chicken sandwich }Image

{ Macho salad }Image

{ Veggie burger }Image

{ Chicken shnitzel }Image

{ Bacon wrapped meatloaf }Image

{ Fresh beignets with chocolate and caramel sauce }ImageImageImageImage

{ Fried french toast with vanilla ice cream and strawberry coulis }Image

{ Outfit #1 I wore on a Friday night at Deville }Image

{ Outfit #2 I wore on a Sunday night at Deville }


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