Paris, je t’aime { Day 1 }


After a long 14 hours, I arrived in Paris this morning for a week of much needed time spent with my sister and I am so excited – we have so many activities planned and I can’t wait to explore this beautiful city. I thought that I would bring you along on my trip. If you’ve been to Paris, you might discover new things, and if you have never been, then I hope you can get a sense of how beautiful and historic this city feels.


After checking into our hotel, we met up with old friends for a typical Norman meal: crepes! After a salad, we got a huge buckwheat crepe, mine was filled with smoked ham, emmental cheese and two eggs. It was delicious!


We then walked around the area close to our hotel, sightseeing and of course, a bit of shopping. I also couldn’t help taking pictures of buildings. You could almost just walk around while only looking up because of the intricate details of these buildings that are part of the character of this city.


Since my sister and I did not sleep the night before (we had an overnight flight) we called it an early night, crawled into bed with some fresh cherries, chocolate pudding, and one of our favorite shows, ‘I Dream of Jeannie’.


I can’t wait to see what else we discover in Paris! 



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