Restaurant Review { Tapeo }

Whenever I try a new restaurant, I usually find it challenging to choose a dish because I want to try everything. Tapas bars are the perfect solution because you can taste a wider variety of food.

Even though tapas have been a popular trend in Montreal for a while, I only recently went to one and really enjoyed it. Tapeo is a Spanish tapas restaurant in the Villeray neighborhood. The interior is surprisingly nice, which is a contrast from the ‘suburban’ neighborhood. The service was great as well and our waitress treated us warmly and was readily available to help us.

While we waited for our order to arrive, we had fresh bread with olive oil, and thin potato crisps that were so delicious it was hard to stop eating them.

For the main, we ordered:

  • Fish cakes that came with a spicy mayo sauce and mango chutney. Combining the two sauces with the fish cakes created a symphony of flavors on our taste buds – amazing
  • Noodles with a tomato sauce, shrimps and chorizo: it was good but it was a bit burnt, which I thought was weird that they still served it. Pretty good nonetheless.
  • Asparagus: pretty standard but always good to have veggie options
  • Meatballs: Incredible! The marinara sauce was so simple but SO good and the meatballs were tender and soft.
  • Garlic shrimp: oh. My. God. The best shrimp I’ve ever had. The shrimps were so infused with the olive and garlic sauce it was delicious. And there was plenty of sauce left to have with the rest of the fresh bread – amazing…
  • Churros with chocolate sauce: I love churros and these really hit the spot. Freshly made, crunchy on the outside, hot, soft and moist on the inside – perfection.

The shrimp, meatballs and churros are a MUST! Overall a really great experience, looking forward to going back!

[ The light in the restaurant was very low and I only had my Iphone so the pictures aren’t the best – sorry! ]


The outfit I chose for my dinner date!

The outfit I chose for my dinner date!



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