Restaurant Review { The Scotsman Edinburgh North bridge }

After an exhausting overnight flight and a quick layover in London, we safely arrived in Scotland and just spent a wonderful first evening in the amazing city of Edinburgh.

We first settled in our hotel, the Apex Waterloo, which is really beautiful, clean and welcoming. A shower and a short nap later, we headed off to explore the area and have dinner. We stumbled on The Scotsman Edinburgh North Bridge, where the menu offered traditional Scottish meals but more ‘gourmet’ than the typical pubs found at every corner (or like my boyfriend said, ‘there’s a corner at a every pub’). What I love about Europe is that you can see the history everywhere you go, and this restaurant was not an exception. The décor and the wood detailing was incredible.

As a starter, we had to taste haggis, which is a mix of different body parts of different animals (I’d rather not know the details so Google it!) Even though it did not seem appetizing, I was brave and had a bite: it was surprisingly not bad! Although it wouldn’t be the first thing I would order at a restaurant, I’m glad I tried it because it’s authentic to Scotland. The texture is very much like ground beef, but has a meatier taste, reminiscent of liver but the taste is not as strong.

As a main, I chose…fish & chips. I know, I know, a bit boring but 1) I was/am tired and did not want to over-think it, and 2) I was really happy with it because the fish did not taste too much like the ocean, while the fries were also delicious. The fish was perfect with the homemade tartar sauce, which has so much more flavor than what I’ve ever had before.

For dessert, I shared a dark chocolate mousse with marshmallow ice cream at the bottom, topped with thin short bread cookies. Although this satisfied my sweet tooth and chocoholic tendencies, I wouldn’t define it as quite a mousse but more of a pudding…very good nonetheless!

I’m already excited about exploring this beautiful country! Another full day tomorrow with many activities and sight-seeing planned so I will try and put up posts frequently!


{ Haggis served with whiskey jelly & parsnip }


{ Dark chocolate mousse with short bread crumbs and marshmallow ice cream at the bottom }


{ Toffee cake with vanilla ice cream and caramel }


{ Mini-matches!! }


{ Mini-whiskey! }


{ Loving my new leather converses, paired with dark wash Gap jeans and a black & white Zara knit }


12 thoughts on “Restaurant Review { The Scotsman Edinburgh North bridge }

  1. Gorgeous photos and a special treat for me to get a glimpse of the enchanting Scotland! The food looks scrumptious, love your striped Zara, and those mini matches & whiskey are the cutest 🙂 Thank you for the lovely post!

    • My pleasure!!! I always love looking at travelling blog posts because I feel as though I can travel for a moment too!! More posts coming since I’ll be here for two weeks!! Thanks for reading and commenting I really appreciate it!!

  2. I totally know what you mean about haggis! Seeing as I’m studying in Edinburgh I figured I haaave to try it. And it really isn’t bad in taste but when you think about what’s in it…
    Loved looking through your blog! xx

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