Restaurant Review { Cacao 70 }

I have a serious sweet tooth, so when Cacao 70 opened its door a couple of years ago and it just so happened to be close to my apartment AND school, I knew that it could only mean one thing: trouble. (I might have gone three times in one week…)

The menu of Cacao 70 is overwhelmingly diverse (in a good way). Not only does it take a lot of time to choose what you want to eat, from waffles, sundaes, crepes, sweet pizzas, to s’mores and fondues, there is also an incredible amount of choices of drinks.

This place is always packed, which already is a good indication of the good food and great vibe. The crowd is mostly students since it’s close to Concordia University and Lasalle College, and the place is busy until closing time. Because it’s so packed and the place is smaller than the demand, there is usually a wait time (which has never been more than 15 minutes), which is actually relatively reasonable considering how busy it is. The service has always been friendly and efficient as well, which is another positive thing, also considering how busy it is – they still manage to provide good service.

There is also a brunch and lunch menu. I’ve had brunch there, which was really good. I also loved the fact that before your meal comes, you get a little platter of fresh fruits with dark chocolate for dipping.

I’ve also had a sundae there, which was really good but was too much to finish. My favorite is the fondue (the semi-sweet and the three chocolate are both good), which comes with fresh fruits, a few pieces of waffles, and a few bits of brownies. So you get your sugar fix without over-doing it.

Cacao 70 is a great hang out spot for a great ambiance and amazing desserts!

2087 Sainte-Catherine St. West

(514) 933.1688



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