{ Edinburgh Castle – Day 2 }

The history found everywhere in Europe is enchanting. Wherever you walk, it is thrilling to think about the millions of people that have passed by the streets, and the thousands of years that have gone by.

We spent the morning going around Edinburgh castle, which dates back thousands of years (it was built in stages), and I find that it is always so magical to walk on cobblestone, look at old signs engraved in rock, while standing in the shadow of such a prominent building like a castle.

This castle is an important piece of history of Edinburgh so I would definitely recommend spending a few hours there, even just to walk around the grounds without necessarily getting a guided tour. It’s always important to take a step back into history and look at where civilization has come from to appreciate the life we are able to live today.

During the day, we also took a double-decker bus tour of the city, which took about an hour and highlighted the main historical and cultural attractions of the city. I would really recommend anyone travelling to find these ‘hop-on, hop-off’ (we’ve done them in Lisbon and New York) because it’s really worth the money. You can use these buses for 24-hours, and they run quite frequently during the day. It’s an easy and fast way to see the most relevant parts of the city, especially if you are limited in time.

For dinner, we headed to the Grassmarket district, which is the area where grass-eating animals use to be sold and traded. We had dinner at a little Italian spot, and had a delicious pizza topped with mozzarella, mushroom and ham.


{ The castle was built on volcanic rock } Image

{ There are only two dog cemeteries like this in all of Scotland }


{ Our gourmet burger for lunch (it was so bland, thank goodness for all that dijon…) } ImageImage

{ The start of Grassmarket }


{ Beautiful Edinburgh! }


{ It also happens to be the Fringe festival, where the population of Edinburgh triples in size. Music and theatre performances happen throughout downtown at different venues, and artists find creative ways to attract an audience (see next pictures) }


{ Afternoon coffee – delicious! }


{ Dinner at  Ristorante Gennaro – the starter }


{ Gnocchi }


{ Goodnight Edinburgh! Thank you for an amazing few days! We will be back! }


7 thoughts on “{ Edinburgh Castle – Day 2 }

    • I had no idea what this county would be like and it’s been amazing! The people are SO nice and it’s beautiful everywhere you go! Edinburgh has definitely been my favourite so I would highly recommend a trip if you can!

    • You are so welcome! It makes me so happy to read comments like yours because I want to take you guys on the journey with me!!!! Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and commenting! I appreciate it a lot! !

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