Restaurant Review { Dim Sum }

I had heard about Dim Sum many times and finally got around to go on a Saturday morning at la maison Kam Fung. The restaurant was packed and there was a worthwhile wait time of about 15 minutes.

Dim Sum can be considered as brunch and the concept of Dim Sum is quite unique: it’s like a sit-down buffet where waitresses wheel around carts that have a huge variety of foods, from savory to sweet options, from breakfast to lunch items. A lot of these are dumplings or adaptation of dumplings. It becomes a bit overwhelming, especially when a newbie like me doesn’t know what the items are, but this also adds to the excitement and adventure of the experience, discovering and tasting new dishes.

I really liked most of the stuff that we tried, but I would really recommend to have those balls coated with sesame – slightly sweet and chewy, with a pasty centre, they are delicious!

Restaurant la maison Kam Fung

1111, rue Saint-Urbain

(514) 878.2888


{ Sweet & sour chicken with steamed green peppers }


{ (from left to right} Pork, nappa & ginger dumplings; sticky rice in lotus leaves; dough stuffed with tomato & meat }


{ Pork, shrimp and Chinese chive dumpling }


{ Sticky rice steamed in lotus leaves }


{ Rice noodle roll with beef }



{ Sesame balls with red bean centre }


{ Steamed bok choy }


{ Green tea! }


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