Restaurant Review { Sahib }

I love Indian food, and my favourite place to fulfill my cravings for naan and butter chicken are at Sahib, a really quaint restaurant in the West Island in Pointe-Claire. There are a lot of options to choose from on the menu.

I usually get butter chicken because I really find it particularly good there, but when I took my boyfriend for his first time, we shared a ‘Royal Feast’ which came with the soup of the day (it was lentil soup and it was DELICIOUS!), chicken tandoori (that was very tender and bursting with flavors), chicken tikka, lamb chops, tandoori shrimp, lamb curry and butter chicken, with vegetables, basmati rice, naan and gulab jamoon. We obviously had too much food, and I do find that the portions are quite generous in general. They also have a lunch buffet that allows you to taste a few different dishes a lower price.

The service has always been friendly and relatively efficient, and the food is really good!  



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