Restaurant Review { Burger Bar }

With the start of Burger Week in Montreal, I thought it would be appropriate to write about one of my favorite burger joints in the city: Burger Bar.

To first give you a brief background, during Burger Week, restaurants around the city create a unique burger, people can find the list of restaurants and try the burger in question, and then vote for their favorite one. Restaurants featured on my blog like Tapeo are also included in the line-up this year.

I discovered Burger Bar a while ago and it has been one of my favorite burger joints to go to because of the great vibe, and the incredible food.

Even though I am not a big fish eater, my favorite burger at Burger Bar is the Samurai burger, which is a salmon filet encrusted with sesame and almond, and cooked over a grill. There is also a wasabi mayo in the burger, and with all burgers, you can opt for a salad that has a delicious dressing. I also really liked the Jack Daniels Burger as well as the chicken burger. 


There is also a deconstructed s’mores for dessert, a chocolate mousse with a graham cracker crust and topped with roasted marshmallows: absolute decadence!


I highly recommend Burger Bar. Every time I’ve taken a friend to try it out, they have loved it. 


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