Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant { Yuan }

There have been so many vegetarian restaurants opening in Montreal in the last couple of years it’s amazing! Yuan is even more unique because it is vegetarian Chinese food. You can order à-la-carte or all you can eat!

There are so many options on the menu, from sushi to general tao to salt & pepper shrimp, all of which are vegetarian. It’s Had I not known that it was vegetarian before I tasted it, I would have barely been able to notice that it wasn’t actual meat or seafood!

I really recommend this restaurant, especially for vegetarians, because they have done a really good job with the menu (there are so many choices!) and it basically tastes the same as a meat-using Chinese restaurant.



13 thoughts on “Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant { Yuan }

    • I love hearing that you feel as though you are visiting the city with me!!! It is beautiful so I hope that you can visit one day! I’m following you on bloglovin’ now & instagram – looking forward to seeing your blog posts!

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