Restaurant Review { Korean Grill: Seoul Chako }

There are so many restaurants to try in Montreal that sometimes, I forget about some of the most obvious ones that are the most accessible to me. This is precisely what happened with Seoul Chako, which is a few steps from Guy-Concordia metro.

The first time we went to Korean grill house, it was for a family birthday, and my boyfriend and I knew that it would become one of our go-to restaurants in downtown Montreal.

Food is a social experience, which is why I really enjoy it when restaurants combine great food with an interesting and unique dining experience. Seoul Chako is an all-you-can-eat grill house, and the menu offers a wide range of meats and foods, from sushi and chicken poppers, to a variety of meats and vegetables.

The meat is served uncooked, and there is a grill on each table, where diners have the liberty to cook their own meat. The meat is incredibly well marinated; I particularly like the beef. It is SO tasty I have to find a recipe to make some at home because it is really delicious. The sausage, chicken, pork and ribs are also all really good. For dessert, they have a really good lychee Jell-O that’s really light and tasty.

The service is relatively fast, considering how busy it was the times we’ve been. I would definitely recommend this restaurant as a place for a leisurely long meal where you can take the time to cook the meal, chit-chat, and enjoy the process of preparing your own food at a restaurant. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

{ The stack of meats }


{ We left the tongs in the grill to be sanitized with the heat }


{ The beef wrapped in a lettuce is so delicious }


{ You place your order by writing the number of your pick & the quantity. It’s always best to order a few rounds so that food doesn’t get wasted }


{ The chicken poppers }


{ The lychee Jell-O }


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