Scotland { Town of Inverness }

I think that Sundays should be spent lazing around, resting, but most importantly, dreaming. Dreaming about the wonders that the world is waiting for us to explore, dreaming about the things we wish to accomplish.

Since I still have so many blog posts from my Scotland trip and my stint in London this summer, I will post ‘travel posts’ on Sundays because I think it’s a good time to spend a few minutes and let your mind wander away from life.

After a night at the Drumossie hotel, we went to the beautiful Kincraig Castle and spent a couple of days even closer to the city of Inverness, a lovely little town in the North East of Scotland.

I really loved Inverness: there are cute little streets to walk around with little boutiques, shops and bakeries, good restaurants to try, many castles in close proximity to visit, and a picturesque waterfront area.

We spent a nice morning strolling through the streets, visiting boutiques and walking on the beautiful cobblestone. We also visited the Victorian Market, which I would really recommend. Even though many of the shops were closed when we were there, I really enjoyed walking through it and seeing the different shops, from touristy stuff to a cute little bakery and candy shop, to jewelry store and an adorable accessories store.

While in Inverness, we also tried a few restaurants that are definitely worth mentioning.

Cinnamon is an Indian restaurant that had a really good mango chicken. I don’t usually like fruity sauces with my meals but I was pleasantly surprised with it. They also had an incredible coconut Naan bread that I couldn’t get enough of.

We also went to a Caribbean restaurant, Kool Runnings, which I would solely recommend based on the chef and owner – a super nice (and hilarious) Jamaican gentleman that had a Jamaican and Scottish accent (good luck imagining that, it was quite unique) The food was great and the place was packed.

My final recommendation for Inverness is Zizzi’s. This is actually a chain restaurant that I also saw in Edinburgh. One of my closest friends had travelled to Scotland a couple of months prior and had highly recommended Zizzi’s (they had gone to the one in Edinburgh). And I am going to say the same: you HAVE to go to Zizzi’s. It was so delicious I can’t even begin to describe the food we ate. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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