Scotland { Dunrobin Castle – Outfit }

We stopped at the Dunrobin castle at the last minute, and I am so glad that we did. It was absolutely enchanting and breathtaking. The structure was more modern and romantic than previous castles that we had seen, and at the back, there was a beautiful waterfront view with a huge garden with mazes of hedges.

I thought I would start showing a few more outfit posts, which I have a few to show you from my Scotland trip. We walked a lot so I opted for comfortable footwear and I think that these are good options that don’t compromise on style, especially the all-black leather ones. {These shoes actually come with a good story: while preparing for the trip, I was trying to figure out what shoes I should take. I didn’t like the options that I had (like any other girl with a full closet thinking, “I don’t have ANYTHING to wear!”) so I thought of getting these Converses that I had seen a while ago in stores. So I went on a hunt for them and couldn’t find them. I checked one last store and they had one pair left of the exact model that I wanted (leather, all black, with the thin soles), on sale for 50% off, AND the last size was my foot size…!} Needless to say, I was thrilled and I am still so happy with these shoes – they are great for traveling and walking around a lot.

The weather was also a bit chilly, especially when the sun had set, so I always had a wrap sweater and my trusted infinity scarf from American Apparel. This is a really great scarf that I just adore because it’s thick and can be used as a scarf or a nice wrap around.


{ Gap sweater | American Apparel infinity scarf | Joe Fresh jeans | Converse | Essie ‘Russian Roulette’ }


{ This castle was magical }


{ Especially loved the blue & gold details }



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