Recipe { Cajun Chicken Pasta }

I think I have about 200 recipes bookmarked in my web browser. I try my best to try one new recipe a week, but that really hasn’t worked very well since I’m so busy. Maybe instead of looking through all my favourite food blogs, I could spend the time to try these recipes instead..? … Nah…!

When my cousins and I were organizing our girls’ weekend in Ottawa, I jumped in the occasion to kindly recommend this deliciously looking cajun chicken pasta from one of my favorite food blogs, Table for Two, written by the hilarious Julie.

The pasta turned out AMAZING so I knew I had to make myself a batch when I came home. I substituted the pasta with quinoa & aramenth penne that my mom bought for me from Costco, and added some diced yellow peppers and broccoli as well to increase the veggie content. Instead of heavy cream I just used 10%, and used olive oil instead of the butter.

This is a really easy and delicious recipe that’s super easy to toss together! Head over to Julie’s blog for the full recipe!

Do you have a go-to pasta dish? Or have you tried a similar recipe? Anything else I could add to mine?



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