{ On the Quest for the Loch Ness Monster }

From a young age, I’ve been fascinated by anything supernatural, from ghosts, witches or monsters, I think part of me wonders what parts of these stories are true or false. When I was old enough, my older sister and I watched the X-Files together and I LOVED it. It’s really bit sick to be honest – I get SO scared, and yet I love the thrill of it. Weird? Yeah…so? I also have so many good memories of spending my Fridays with my sister, making homemade French fries, eating ice cream and watching the X-Files.

One of the myths that I’ve always been curious about is the Loch Ness monster, so visiting the Loch Ness was one of the most exciting and memorable parts of my trip to the UK. It was crazy to be in the place and on the lake where this internationally renowned story started. It was definitely a day filled with thrill, excitement, and mystery…

We first visited the Loch Ness exhibition where there is a walk through of different rooms with different exhibits and multimedia presentations. There were a lot of historical and scientific backgrounds of the Loch Ness river and the monster that (supposedly) lives in it.

We then went on an hour boat ride, which I was SO excited about because I knew that after all these years, I would finally be able to see the monster for myself. We also had a really sweet and funny guide who was so knowledgeable. He’s one of the rare people that has gone in a submarine down in the Loch Ness (there are less people that have done this then there are people that have climbed the Mount Everest!). An amazing day that I am never going to forget!



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