Mani-Monday { The Jean Look }

I’ve had the Matte top coat by Essie for such a long time, but I never used because I have been meaning to try this manicure, an idea I got from Pinterest a long time ago, but since it’s dark colours and it was summertime, I wasn’t really feeling it until now! Fall weather draws me to darker and warmer colours. 

I used OPI’s ‘Russian Navy’, which is one of my favourite nail colours, but I don’t use it often because it tends to leave my nails blue-ish, even though I use a good base coat. It’s a dark blue with specs of purple – I tried getting the best picture of it as possible. The top coat is from Essie, ‘Matte about you’ – there are many companies that make this top coat now, but I’ve always been an Essie girl. 

I LOVED the matte look on my nails. It’s such a different look than the shiny finish that I’m used to! And combined with this OPI colour, it reminds me of dark jeans..! Dark jeans mani anyone?

On a side note, my camera is on the fritter…so I’ve been using my iPhone whenever I can, so bare with me until I can get it fixed or get a replacement. I’ve been wanting to work on my photography skills so if you guys have suggestions of tutorials, leave links in the comments below!



5 thoughts on “Mani-Monday { The Jean Look }

    • I loved the matte look too!! I think I’m going to do another matte mani this week! hehe
      And I definitely recommend Essie! They have really good products and I like the brush – it’s easy to apply!!!
      Thanks for commenting!!

  1. I bought a matte top coat a few years back and used it once or twice but wasn’t a big fan of it. Seeing it on you makes me want to try it again! Now if only I remembered where I’d put it…

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