Restaurant Review { Aux Vivres }

Even though I hadn’t been to Aux Vivres in a while, this is one of my favourite restaurants in Montreal. The food is great and there are many options on the menu, from burgers and sandwiches, to bowls of rice veggies and some of kind of meat replacement, and appetizers and desserts.

I can’t help but always ordering the Kosmos plate (there is an equivalent in a sandwich which is just as good, but I really like my potatoes…). The Tzadiki is BURSTING with flavors and is SO good (but not so good for the breath). My bf usually opts for the Dragon bowl, which I have tasted a few bites of and is actually delicious, especially with the peanut sauce. I just want the potatoes and Tzadiki…

A highly recommended restaurant if you are looking for delicious vegan/vegetarian food in Montreal!


{ It was so cold that night so I’m glad that the picture turned out because I wanted to go inside so badly! }


{ The menu }


{ The Dragon Bowl – a mix of veggies sitting on top of warm brown rice, served with your choice of tofu or tempeh, and peanut sauce }


{ There are many choices on the menu! }


{ My favourite – the Kosmos plate! The salad dressing is delicious too! I usually only get potatoes.. }


{ Yum }



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