{ 25 }


Today is my 25th birthday. Although I am still young, I am grateful that I have had a full life, and have been able to learn a lot from my experiences. In the last few weeks, I have been thinking a lot about the lessons I have learned and wanted to share a few thoughts, in the hopes that it will inspire some of you.

  1. Enjoy the little moments in life – take the time to enjoy the warm sun on your face, a nice cup of warm tea, spending time with loved-ones. It’s all about the small moments that you have to consciously pause and enjoy.
  2. Be grateful – wake up with a sense of thankfulness, because everything in life is a blessing, and things could be worse.
  3. Take opportunities that come into your life, whether experiences like travelling or learning a new skill, or learning from a conversation with a complete stranger. Growth is in everything that you do.
  4. Take time for yourself doing what you love doing and taking care of your mind, body and soul.
  5. Strive to be the best that you can be. Challenge yourself at least once a day by doing something that scares you or that you don’t like. Push through negative thoughts because the rewards will be worth it.
  6. Find your passion and work on it every day.
  7. Take any opportunity to help another person, whether it’s to open the door, give a helping hand or a listening ear, or even smiling at a stranger, we don’t realize the impact we can have with our actions and our words.
  8. The most important and lasting part of your life are the good deeds and the relationships you forge.
  9. Family is the most important aspect of our survival, whether they are family by blood or by relation. These are the people that will get you through difficult times, and give you your happiest memories. Take the time to show your love and appreciation, cherish every moment shared, and continuously work on the relationship.

21 thoughts on “{ 25 }

    • Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! What a lovely message..it’s so nice to get feedback like that, especially on a blog post that’s so different than what I usually post..and it means a lot that you like my blog!!! Thank you for checking it out & following!! (I’m going to do the same with yours now!!!)
      #7 is actually one thing that I’ve been so conscious of lately and find that it really brings a lot of positive energy in your life. Good karma!!!
      and glad you like the food posts too haha I love cooking and trying new restaurants…! Hope I don’t make you drool too much!

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  4. Wow, not sure how I missed this beautiful post but I’m glad to have found it!! I just love all of your numbered thoughts – they are all important, heartfelt, and oh so true. . . I am so sorry this is so belated but I hope you had a beautiful birthday and rock the whole year through!! xxx

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