Outfit { Blue & Floral }

After complaining that I don’t have a photographer to take outfit pictures, the world swiftly sent my sister to me! She surprised me for my 25th birthday and flew all the way from Calgary to spend two weeks with us. There are no words to explain how nice it’s been having her home.

Not only have we been having fun, but we have also had the chance to do a few photoshoots! Maybe I can convince her to move back to Montreal if I gave her a full-time job as my photographer? I wish…

Here’s a simple fall outfit – comfy pants from Mexx with floral details on the side that I fell in love with, a cotton top from Smart Set that’s so easy to throw on and is comfortable for long days of running errands, and a leopard belt, of course, to add a fun touch to the outfit. I’m also wearing my favorite wedge sneakers that I snatched up at Winners last year and still love because they are so comfy and combine two of my favorite colors!

{ Photo credit: Saba Sabati }



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