Recipe { Fudgy Chocolate & Avocado Cookies }

I have many good memories of staying up late with my sister and studying the night away, or staying up until the wee hours of the morning watching TV or a movie. We always managed to make ourselves the tastiest treats, which always included something involving chocolate. When she came to visit for my 25th birthday, I wanted to spoil her and bake her some treats. I had been meaning to try this recipe that I had seen on The Londoner because I love trying alternative ingredients in cooking or baking, so this was the perfect excuse.

The cookies turned out delicious. Although I think I might have put too much avocado (I was too lazy to measure it precisely in a measuring cup), which might explain why the cookies spread so much, but regardless, they were very tasty. Definitely ooey-gooey and you can’t even taste the avocadoes! Yes, we finish most of the batch in one sitting. Don’t judge.



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