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This blog post has actually been ready for over 3 weeks now, so I am posting this with a bit (…a lot) of annoyance. The long wait has taken away from the excitement of receiving my package in the mail. I placed my order on Monday September 30th, and JUST received it yesterday. I have enough experience with online shopping to know that this is way too long of a wait (I’ve received ASOS and Shopbop packages in less than 5 days…!). I’m unsure whether the issue was with She Inside or with Canadian customs, either way, it’s frustrating!

Needless to say, there’s something really fun about online shopping – you sit comfortably in your pjs, and browse through an endless selection of items. My cousin told me about so when I went to visit her in Ottawa, we spent at least an hour browsing and ended up lusting over many of the statement necklaces. Despite the LONG wait (no, I am not done complaining about it) they have a lot of good prices and quite a wide selection. I chose these two necklaces because of the vibrant colors and the details. They ended up costing about $8 each, including shipping. I can’t wait to style them for the holidays! I still need to find a good sweater so that I can jazz it up with one of these pieces.

What are your experiences with online shopping? Any other websites you would recommend?



9 thoughts on “Shopping Review { }

  1. I HATE waiting for online packages. In fact I’m waiting for one right now. It’s already been 3 weeks. I’m hoping it arrives for Christmas because it’s filled with presents for my family. It said when I ordered it that it would arrive before the 23rd December, but I’m not keeping my hope up ! 😦

    • Ohhh NOOOOOO!!! That’s way worse than mine then, especially since it’s Christmas gifts!!! Have you tracked it??? Maybe it’s on route and almost there? And if not then you can contact them and complain?? That really sucks..!!!! Hope you get it very soon so that the stress can be over..!!

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