Restaurant Review { Mango Bay }

It seems a bit ridiculous that I haven’t blogged about Mango Bay since it’s a go-to for my bf and I. unfortunately, because it’s such one of those places that we eat so frequently at, I never seem to think ahead to bring my camera with me, so I had to rely on my iPhone for these pictures.

Mango Bay is a Caribbean restaurant, which I haven’t come across very much in Montreal. There are a lot of tasty options on the menu, but I always end up ordering the same two things. Don’t judge me. They’re just that good.

We always start with fish cakes, which are freshly made and so delicious, served with a sweet & spicy ketchup. I usually get the jerk chicken wrap because…well, it’s delicious (warning: the jerk chicken is quite spicy) and they come with the TASTIEST fries EVERRR!!! These fries…oufff….I don’t know WHAT they do to them but they are delicious….

Another good is the Chicken Roti. I’m not sure how to explain Roti…but it’s basically a soft flat bread, stuffed with a potato, chicken and curry stew. It’s really cozy and makes you feel all warm inside. It’s very, very, …very good. I tried making it once for my boyfriend (N.B. before I had even tasted or seen what roti looks/tastes like…and used a tortilla instead of the flatbread. He was sweet enough not to tell me that I was WAY off since that was probably one of the first times I cooked for him).

Another must-try when you go to Mango Bay is the Ting drink. It’s a grapefruit soda, that’s about 1,000 better than Fresca. They also have a PINK Ting now! Yes, I ordered it just because it was pink. Judge if you must.

Mango Bay

1202 Bishop Street


{ Behold…the Roti. It might not look like much but it’s actually SO good }


{ Yummy goodness: the chicken Roti }


{ Jerk chicken wrap…but check out those FRIES! }


{ Jerk chicken wrap close-up! }


{ The best TING that’ll happen to you…ha..ha..h…a…no? }


8 thoughts on “Restaurant Review { Mango Bay }

  1. I Love your blog and I love mango bay! I never got anything other than the chicken roti but the jerk chicken wrap looks to die for! Keep em’ coming!

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