Mani-Monday { L.O.V.E. }

If you haven’t noticed it yet (in which case I’d be extremely worried about you), Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. With any other ‘holiday’, it’s hard not to get caught up with the excitement, especially with such a universal celebration of love.

Even though I love Valentine’s day, (yes, the word ‘love’ is going to be used many times in this post), it’s also nice to remember that we should bring ‘love’ into our lives on a daily basis, or simply be more open to recognize the different forms of ‘love’, from our friends to loved ones. Love is also about those tough moments in life, where it’s so easy to get lost in negative thoughts, but is more important to take a step back and try and appreciate whatever is happening and try to look at it as something that can be learned for us to grow into better individuals.

So here is a Valentine’s Day inspired manicure!! I combined by favorite cotton candy pink polish from Essie (in the color ‘Fiji’), and I spelled out ‘LOVE’ on four fingers.

What are your thoughts on love? What are some forms of love that you can recognize in your lives?



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