Beauty { Ipsy & Luxe Box }

From a young age, I would curiously watch my mom apply her lipstick. She would then take her lip pencil and draw a little heart on my hand, and I would try my best to keep that little drawing from washing away.

I still vividly remember standing on a chair, on my tippy-toes, in front of a mirror, applying a pink lipstick I had taken from my mom’s makeup drawer, and feeling like such a grown-up.

Only recently has my curiosity for makeup returned. Although I strongly believe in being confident in your natural beauty and not trying to hide behind a thick layer of makeup, I think that enhancing some of your assets, or simply putting on lipstick to make your day a bit brighter, are little perks of being a woman.

To discover new beauty brands and products, I have been really enjoying beauty subscription services like Luxe Box & Ipsy. It’s quite a simple and fun concept: for a fee, you receive a package in the mail with beauty products to try. The fee and the brands you receive depend on the company.

The Luxe Box was a gift from my boyfriend, and I love it. It’s Canadian and the products are a good size and good quality. I just received my first Ipsy Glam Bag and really enjoyed it as well. I like the fact that I get to discover new products and brands, rather than having to buy a full size product.

If any of you were curious, these are the products that I received. So far, I am really happy with both subscriptions. The description of each product is captioned under each picture, so just scroll through! If you have any questions about the specific products and what I thought about them, let me know!

Do any of you have a beauty subscription service? Any recommendations for others that are worth checking out? 



12 thoughts on “Beauty { Ipsy & Luxe Box }

    • It’s exactly the same concept as Bichbox and Glossybox!!!!!!! Luxe Box is simply a Canadian version (and they really give good products – good brands & a lot of full sizes..!!) And Ipsy has just been so fun for me to discover new products!! I’m going to be doing a video soon for the Ipsy bag I *JUST* received if you want to check it out to see what I got!

      Are you going to subscribe to these services?? I’ve loved both Ipsy & Luxe Box but wouldn’t be able to recommend any in the UK, sorry!!

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