Fashion { Lessons from NYFW Spring 2014 }

Even though fashion shows are obviously a really fun part of fashion week, what I like even more is to look at street style to get fashion inspiration for guidelines to live by. Ultimately, it’s what’s being worn on the street that’s true fashion, because even if something passes on a runway, street style and what people choose to wear on a day-to-day basis determine the course of a fashion trend.

Last year, I talked about ‘The real NYFW‘, where the images captured by fashion bloggers offer different perspective of fashion week, and give readers an alternative glimpse of what goes on.

This year, I give you a few lessons that can be learned from the street style during NYFW. These are simply guidelines that we should all remember every morning when we are deciding on our outfit for the day.

{ There are no rules } 

Style & fashion are forms of expression, to show the world who you are. Unless you are harming someone else, there are no rules and you can wear whatever the heck you like that makes you feel at your best.


{ Aimee from Song of Style pairing white leather pants with a BCBG dress. Photo via Teen Vogue. }

{ Confidence is the best outfit }

Whatever you are wearing will look much better when you wear it with confidence. Someone standing tall, shoulders back and with a confident strut will inevitably draw the attention of curious eyes, so what better way to flaunt your outfit by wearing it with gusto?


{ Jacey Duprie from Damsel in Dior wearing any outfit with confidence }

{ Step out of your comfort zone & experiment }

…because, well, why not? That’s half the fun of fashion: trying new outfits, patterns, styles, seeing what you like or don’t like, and putting together outfits that give you a boost of confidence.


{ Alexandra from Lovely Pepa wearing a tutu, a t-shirt and a leather jacket! One of my favourite looks! }

{ Be bold }

Fashion is a form of expression of your individuality, your style, and even your mood, so why not go bold and make a statement with a piece of jewelry, an amazing bag, a bold lip color, or a unique piece of clothing? If you follow Rule #1, then this is easy-peasy.


{ Camila from Super Vaidosa wearing an edgy black & white ensemble with a bold lip }

{ Have fun }

Whatever age, shape or size you might be, fashion should be fun. Most of our days are spent in the outfits that we choose in the morning, so why not wear something that puts a smile on your face, that makes you feel confident, that makes you feel like you can tackle anything? They call it a ‘power suit’ for a reason! I am not saying that fashion is the key to happiness. No. Rather, fashion is a perk of life, and can even be compared to wearing art, and since there is no such thing as too much beauty, why not enjoy it and have fun with it?


{ Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook wearing a feminine & rocker ensemble }

{ The little touches matter }

An outfit is pulled with the finishing touches. Without them would be the same thing as not putting tape or a ribbon when you wrap a gift – it’s that last touch that will differentiate one from the other. These can be as simple as doing your nails, putting on makeup (even if it’s basic, a little can go a long way in accentuating your features), fixing your hair, and putting on a few accessories. Never undermine the details of an outfit because this is the part that can take an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary outfit. These little touches contribute to your unique style & individuality.


{ Annabelle from Viva Luxury always thinking of the very last detail, including accessories & nails }

What do you think of these lessons? Which one could you work on? Can you think of any other ones?


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