{ Instagram Fashion Diary 2 }

Clearly I haven’t been consistent enough with taking ‘outfit of the day’ pictures for my Instagram. But, here are the few pictures that I found lately, a few outfits from being out and about, mostly for running errands or going out to a cozy date night.

The reality is that I live in a really cold city, and looking stylish while making sure that I’m wearing enough layers to keep me warm is quite challenging. Most days, I have to wear my Timberland winter boots with my huge (but incredibly warm) Northface jacket. So maybe that’s why I don’t have enough ootd pictures and I should aim to take them before I put the many layers of clothes on?

How about you? How do you try to stay stylish but warm (if you live in a cold city)? And if you live in a warm city, well, good for you.. I’m jealous.


{ A go-to outfit when I have to spend the day at a coffee shop getting work done, and then go to the gym }


{ I’ve worn these pants so much since I got them! }


{ Date night outfit with my favourite sweater & my special Christmas gift, the Michael Kors studded large Selma }


16 thoughts on “{ Instagram Fashion Diary 2 }

    • Oh my gosh thanks so much Diana!! How sweet…!!! I just feel as though there are more girls that relate to not being able to look super dressed up every single and I want it to become more normal to see that on fashion blogs – a more realistic style and ideal to look towards!!

      Thanks so much for commenting ❤ XO

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