Fashion { Pink Weekend }

The universe answered (temporarily) my call for a personal style photographer and sent my sister for a few days. We were able to get a few outfit pictures, which is really great for me because she’s one of the only people that can make me feel comfortable and make me laugh in any situation. It’s so important to have a few friends that you are so comfortable around that you can truly be yourself, even when you are vulnerable (I’m extremely shy in front of the camera…).

The weekend was low-key, catching up and spending time with the family, so I didn’t get too dressed up. I love pairing a sweater with jeans, and then making sure to accessorize.

What’s your idea of a comfortable weekend outfit? What are some of the important parts to a friendship?

[Photo Credit | Saba Sabati]

{ Jeans Gap || Top Winners || Necklace Primark || Booties Nine West || Purse DKNY || Watch Michael Kors }





23 thoughts on “Fashion { Pink Weekend }

  1. Love your outfit! So digging that M watch and the adorable sweatshirt. And the photo in front of the trees! You look fab. I’d have to go with jeans and a cozy turtleneck sweater these days on weekends . . . and as for friendships I’d have to say it’s very important to be gentle, witty, open, strong, and honest – both for me to be to others, and for them to be to me. Cheers to great friends!! xxx

    • Thank you!! I’m happy my sister was around to take pictures hehe
      Jeans & cozy sweater? Sounds perfect! Especially with the winter!!!

      Honesty is such an important thing in a friendship but at the same time can be so challenging…!

  2. Love a comfortable look. It’s so much easier to throw on a sweater an jeans and feel relaxed than dressing it up! btw love the necklace ❤

    • Yes!!! And you can still look really nice by wearing an outfit like that! Why bother with a hugely elaborate outfit for a relaxed weekend with family?!
      And Thank you! I LOVE this necklace too!!!

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