International Restaurant Review { Zizzi }

I was lucky enough to have been able to travel a lot in 2013, and looking through my pictures, I realized there are still a lot that I haven’t blogged from my trip to the UK last summer.

I really enjoy travel posts on other blogs because I feel like I am able to get glimpses of other parts of the world that I hope to explore one day. What better way to spend a Sunday by escaping for a little bit before the beginning of the week? Let’s go back to Scotland today, shall we?

Zizzi is an amazing Italian restaurant that my friend had recommended before I left for Scotland. I still remember how delicious everything was, from the garlic bread and pizza to the salad dressing! Everything was incredible! We went to the one in Inverness, but we passed by another one in Edinburgh as well. Even though this is a chain, it’s still so delicious and really worth trying if you happen to pass by one!


{ Zizzi’s in Inverness }


{ The Menu }


{ It was fun to see the chefs hard at work! }


{ AMAZING garlic bread! }


{ Close-up }


{ Veggie pizza }


{ Cheese pizza }


{ Meat lover’s pizza }


16 thoughts on “International Restaurant Review { Zizzi }

  1. would love to go to scotland one day. heard lots of good things about it. that mouth-watering pizza looks oh-so delicious. i think i’m hungry right now 😦

    • I would highly recommend Scotland…I didn’t really know what to expect and I was blown away. I’d suggest going to Edinburgh rather than Glasgow (Glasgow is very industrial and doesn’t have as much character as Edinburgh)…hope you can go one day!!! And the pizza…sorry….!! It’s making me drool too haha

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