Beauty { Ipsy Glam Bag | March 2014 }

This was the first time I was disappointed with my Ipsy glam bag…I didn’t like the design on the bag, the shade of the OPI nail polish, and the eyeshadow quad. The only thing I’m looking forward to trying is the Pixi primer, and the bareminerals lipstick. Hopefully next month is better!

I’m still keeping my subscription because I really liked what I received previous months, and it’s a great way to try new products and brands. I’ve been trying to be more adventurous with my makeup and this is a great way to do that.

What did you guys get? What do you think of the products I received? Any other subscription services that you would recommend?


48 thoughts on “Beauty { Ipsy Glam Bag | March 2014 }

  1. I want to try IPSY but I don’t know if I need new makeup every month. I am a student and I don’t wear alot of makeup but it must be fun to try new makeup with IPSY. I agree that the colors you got for this month is not that impressive….maybe next month will be better 😛

    • Even for myself, I don’t wear a lot of makeup and now I have a lot of new things to try…
      I think you should keep in mind maybe for when you have an income! It’s definitely something fun…! And I put the stuff that I don’t use in a box and will give them away to friends & family so at least it won’t go to waste

    • I would recommend Ipsy for sure – I’ve loved most of the stuff that I’ve received and it’s reasonably priced! From what I’ve heard of Birchboxes, they aren’t great – do you like it?? I totally want to find another subscription box!!

      Thank you for following!! XO

  2. oh that’s a pity you were disappointed with the products:( I’ve never tried any beauty box, but I love the idea of trying new cosmetic products!:) I must say that I quite like the color of the OPI nailpolish!♥ It could look great with spring pastel outfits!:)

    • I have yet to try the OPI polish!!! I think I might use it as an accent nail…

      Beauty subscriptions are REALLY fun! If you have a bit of money to spare, totally worth it..! It’s such an easy way to discover new brands and products, I’ve really enjoyed it!

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