Restaurant Review { Déjeuner Cosmopolitain }

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this restaurant yet, since it’s one of my favorite brunch spots in Montreal.

The food is amazing and there are SO many choices (see the size of the menu below…), and it can be overwhelming if you are not as experienced as I am. If my sister is there, we share the Royal Cosmopolitain: chocolate chip pancakes topped with bananas and strawberries, and served with chocolate hazelnut spread. We also share a typical egg plate, which is actually not so typical, because the potatoes are quite outstanding. You can choose from the round potatoes, which are full of flavor, or the mashed potatoes that have just a hint of bacon in them {Hint: if it’s your first time there, ask for half and half so you get to try both!}. If my sister isn’t there, I don’t have to choose to go savory or sweet, I can get both! There’s a plate with eggs, meat, potatoes and two blueberry pancakes (I ask for chocolate chips instead).

Another great thing is that there’s also a lunch menu, so if you fancy lunch while your date wants breakfast after 2 pm, then it works out perfectly.

The downside is that it’s extremely busy on weekends, so make sure to book ahead of time. The service is also not the best, we’ve had a few issues with some of the waitresses, BUT, the food is just that good that I still go back.

What are some of your favorite brunch spots in Montreal? What do you prefer for brunch: sweet or savory? 

[Photo credit | Saba Sabati]


Recipe { Croque-Madame }

Saturday mornings should be spent lazily around the house in pijamas, with a nice brunch and catching on blogs, magazines, or TV-shows. What better way to spend a Saturday morning?!!

When I came across this recipe for Croque-Madame on Cupcakes and Cashmere, I knew that I had to try it because : a) I love brunch; b) I love ham, cheese and eggs; c) It looks so damn good I just had to try it for myself.

It was SO easy to make, and it was absolutely DELICIOUS. This is also a perfect recipe to make for a group of people because it looks more complicated than it actually is, so you can impress your friends.

I didn’t really change recipe other than using this simple béchamel sauce by Mario Batali. I would probably even exclude the béchamel sauce altogether next time, or would add parmesan cheese to it. Actually, I didn’t really follow the proportions because that’s just how I roll (although my boyfriend would disagree with this method of cooking…). You can easily add some spices and flavors to the béchamel sauce, or use a different kind of cheese on the bread! That’s the fun part about cooking: there are no rules! (well…sorta…)

What’s your favorite brunch food? Any good recipes I should check out? 


Restaurant Review { Dim Sum }

I had heard about Dim Sum many times and finally got around to go on a Saturday morning at la maison Kam Fung. The restaurant was packed and there was a worthwhile wait time of about 15 minutes.

Dim Sum can be considered as brunch and the concept of Dim Sum is quite unique: it’s like a sit-down buffet where waitresses wheel around carts that have a huge variety of foods, from savory to sweet options, from breakfast to lunch items. A lot of these are dumplings or adaptation of dumplings. It becomes a bit overwhelming, especially when a newbie like me doesn’t know what the items are, but this also adds to the excitement and adventure of the experience, discovering and tasting new dishes.

I really liked most of the stuff that we tried, but I would really recommend to have those balls coated with sesame – slightly sweet and chewy, with a pasty centre, they are delicious!

Restaurant la maison Kam Fung

1111, rue Saint-Urbain

(514) 878.2888


{ Sweet & sour chicken with steamed green peppers }


{ (from left to right} Pork, nappa & ginger dumplings; sticky rice in lotus leaves; dough stuffed with tomato & meat }


{ Pork, shrimp and Chinese chive dumpling }


{ Sticky rice steamed in lotus leaves }


{ Rice noodle roll with beef }



{ Sesame balls with red bean centre }


{ Steamed bok choy }


{ Green tea! }

Restaurant Review { Cacao 70 }

I have a serious sweet tooth, so when Cacao 70 opened its door a couple of years ago and it just so happened to be close to my apartment AND school, I knew that it could only mean one thing: trouble. (I might have gone three times in one week…)

The menu of Cacao 70 is overwhelmingly diverse (in a good way). Not only does it take a lot of time to choose what you want to eat, from waffles, sundaes, crepes, sweet pizzas, to s’mores and fondues, there is also an incredible amount of choices of drinks.

This place is always packed, which already is a good indication of the good food and great vibe. The crowd is mostly students since it’s close to Concordia University and Lasalle College, and the place is busy until closing time. Because it’s so packed and the place is smaller than the demand, there is usually a wait time (which has never been more than 15 minutes), which is actually relatively reasonable considering how busy it is. The service has always been friendly and efficient as well, which is another positive thing, also considering how busy it is – they still manage to provide good service.

There is also a brunch and lunch menu. I’ve had brunch there, which was really good. I also loved the fact that before your meal comes, you get a little platter of fresh fruits with dark chocolate for dipping.

I’ve also had a sundae there, which was really good but was too much to finish. My favorite is the fondue (the semi-sweet and the three chocolate are both good), which comes with fresh fruits, a few pieces of waffles, and a few bits of brownies. So you get your sugar fix without over-doing it.

Cacao 70 is a great hang out spot for a great ambiance and amazing desserts!

2087 Sainte-Catherine St. West

(514) 933.1688


Restaurant Review { Quoi de n’oeuf }

I absolutely love finding a little ‘treasure’ and being able to go on a regular basis because it’s really nice to be able to enjoy an experience over and over again. I also like keeping these little treasures secret, which is why for a split second, I hesitated whether or not I should do a blog post on this restaurant, Quoi de n’oeuf (don’t you already just love the name? – a simple translation would be ‘what’s new’ but they did a play on words to incorporate ‘egg’ in it) But then I decided, better to share the joy because I truly love it. This little brunch spot is so cute, affordable, and just so darn good you’ll just want to go back over and over again (like I’ve been doing).

In the winter time, it’s really cozy, with the smell of coffee in the air and the buzzing of chatter all morning, while in the summer time, they open the big bay windows, which makes you feel like you are sitting on the sidewalk so it’s great to enjoy the weather but also for people watching (for other creepers like me who like to observe people…)

There are a good variety of options on the menu, some of which are different than what you would usually find for brunch in other restaurants. The omelets are served in a hot skillet (I usually order the vegetarian one but I took something different this time so I don’t have a picture of it!), there are waffles and crepes, your basic egg-ham-potato plate, French toast, and eggs benedict.

I really love this place because the ambiance is so warm and welcoming, the energy is positive because people are enjoying themselves, the service is good, especially considering that it is always busy, and the food is really delicious and totally affordable!

I’ve had the vegetarian omelet, which was really good and tasty, the strawberry waffle which was oh-so-good, and the eggs and ham and potatoes plate. I also ordered a side of French toast this time and I was actually disappointed. My boyfriend always orders the same thing: a crepe stuffed with eggs and sausage. I’m pretty sure that’s the only thing he’s ever had there. Yes, that’s how good it is!

Quoi de n’oeuf resto-café

2745 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal

(514) 931-3999



{ Sausage and egg stuffed crepe }

Image{ Ham, eggs, potatoes, bread, and a side of french toast }