Mani-Monday { Pink & Silver Glitter }

Who doesn’t love a little glitter? The silver accents nails were just enough for my taste. I really liked this sandy-glittery by OPI from the Mariah Carey Collection (in the color ‘It’s Frosty Outside’). I would definitely recommend it as a silver glitter in your collection. The effect reminds me of the Louboutin Fifi Strass. But until I can get a pair, I’ll settle for the same look, but on my nail.

The pink is the Zoya ‘Dot’ polish that I received in my February Glam Bag and I really like it. It’s a great polish and a great shade.

Doing my nails is a fun and relaxing way to tune out after a long day. It’s important to find activities that you enjoy and that help you decompress. I’m learning that taking time to take care of myself is so important, because when I feel recharged, I have even more energy and love to put out into the world.

What are some things that you enjoy doing on your alone-time? 



Mani-Monday { Nude is Back with Black }

This manicure is officially my favorite. I had done something similar for my birthday, but this time, I also used ‘Glints of Linda’ by OPI, which is the perfect nude color for me, and I’m obsessed! I LOVE how this turned out, especially that the black tips make my nail look so much longer than they actually are!

I really love doing my nails. Not only do I enjoy taking time for myself to paint my nails, it also brings out a creative side of me. It’s like painting little pieces of art (yes, I am losing the term ‘art’ very loosely here) – I look at the different colors, tools and accents that I have and imagine in my mind what I want to create. It also just enhances how I feel in the morning when I put an outfit together, because the little touches matter.


Mani-Monday { Reflective }

I haven’t been able to stop staring at my nails. No, but seriously, the changing colors of this polish are so fun to see under different lights, I just can’t stop staring. A really fun and surprisingly quite subtle polish, that I wouldn’t recommend if you get easily distracted like I do (yes, I just paused and stared at my nails for a few seconds).

Life also has changing ‘colors’ – there’s always a different angle from which you can look at a situation. A more positive perspective can lead to finding a solution, or just being at peace with whatever is meant to happen! A good reminder for myself right now. 


Mani-Monday { It’s Never Black & White… }

I was really excited when my boyfriend surprised me with this top coat (‘Meteoric’) from the Formula X by sephora collection (it looks like the name was changed to ‘chaotic). The black & whites specks are quite a unique than any other top coats I’ve seen, and adds a really nice twist to a simple manicure. Yes, always with the accent nail(s)! That makes the mani less childish and more unique. This pink Essie colour in ‘Fiji’ has already been featured on the blog (here) and is still one my faves.

What do you think? Any top coats that I could try?


Mani-Monday { L.O.V.E. }

If you haven’t noticed it yet (in which case I’d be extremely worried about you), Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. With any other ‘holiday’, it’s hard not to get caught up with the excitement, especially with such a universal celebration of love.

Even though I love Valentine’s day, (yes, the word ‘love’ is going to be used many times in this post), it’s also nice to remember that we should bring ‘love’ into our lives on a daily basis, or simply be more open to recognize the different forms of ‘love’, from our friends to loved ones. Love is also about those tough moments in life, where it’s so easy to get lost in negative thoughts, but is more important to take a step back and try and appreciate whatever is happening and try to look at it as something that can be learned for us to grow into better individuals.

So here is a Valentine’s Day inspired manicure!! I combined by favorite cotton candy pink polish from Essie (in the color ‘Fiji’), and I spelled out ‘LOVE’ on four fingers.

What are your thoughts on love? What are some forms of love that you can recognize in your lives?


Mani-Monday { Movember }

I wasn’t sure what title I would put for this mani and then I went to brunch with some friends yesterday, and they commented that my nails looked like moustaches! So I figured since Movember just finished, why not call it…movember! (I guess that was a bit obvious and didn’t require an explanation that long…)

I was so excited with the way this manicure turned out that I will probably do the same one again this week but with a different colour. It’s a very futuristic/geometric version of a French manicure, and it elongated my fingers, which is a plus!

I didn’t realize the pictures were a bit blurry and unfortunately didn’t get a chance to take proper pictures with my camera before the nails chipped…sorry! Hope you like it!


Mani-Monday { Golden Barbie }

My two favourites: fuchsia & gold! I did this manicure for a wedding I went to over the weekend (while I was studying mind you….painted one nail, wrote a page, did another nail, read another page….life of a student!). I wanted a pop of colour with my dark blue lace dress and went for my favourite colour, fuchsia! The gold crackle was to match my jewelry and add a touch of fun to the nails.

What do you think? Do you like it? 


Mani-Monday { The Jean Look }

I’ve had the Matte top coat by Essie for such a long time, but I never used because I have been meaning to try this manicure, an idea I got from Pinterest a long time ago, but since it’s dark colours and it was summertime, I wasn’t really feeling it until now! Fall weather draws me to darker and warmer colours. 

I used OPI’s ‘Russian Navy’, which is one of my favourite nail colours, but I don’t use it often because it tends to leave my nails blue-ish, even though I use a good base coat. It’s a dark blue with specs of purple – I tried getting the best picture of it as possible. The top coat is from Essie, ‘Matte about you’ – there are many companies that make this top coat now, but I’ve always been an Essie girl. 

I LOVED the matte look on my nails. It’s such a different look than the shiny finish that I’m used to! And combined with this OPI colour, it reminds me of dark jeans..! Dark jeans mani anyone?

On a side note, my camera is on the fritter…so I’ve been using my iPhone whenever I can, so bare with me until I can get it fixed or get a replacement. I’ve been wanting to work on my photography skills so if you guys have suggestions of tutorials, leave links in the comments below!


Mani-Monday { Bejeweled French Mani }

While we were in Edinburgh, I found this wheel of different shapes and colors of jewels at Primark and I couldn’t resist! I was excited to use it because I think that a few of these add a really nice touch to a simple manicure.

I did a simple french manicure and added an s-shaped ‘diamond’ jewel on my thumb. A touch of glitter never hurt anyone!! I used Essie ‘blanc’ for the white tips, and ‘it’s in the bag’ for the nude top coat.

What do you think of using jewels for nail art? Have you seen any cool manis with jewels, or have you ever tried it yourself? ImageImage

Mani-Monday { All White, Part II }

Two days after I did my ‘All White‘ mani, I wanted to change it up a bit. I tend to do that a lot because I get easily bored with manis – I’ll add a sparkly finger or a funky top coat. For this manicure, I decided to try a black around the edge, something that I had seen on Zoe Saldana and I loved how it turned out. I also added the word ‘live’ on my thumb. A good daily reminder to live every day to the fullest.