Fashion { Reality Check }

I love reading fashion blogs because of the pictures where I can get outfit inspiration. But I was unsure about starting my own blog because I felt intimidated since my outfits aren’t as ‘elaborate’ all the time.

Then I realized that there are important lessons to be learned from street style, and that fashion is very personal. Even though I would like to wear heels every day, my lifestyle (and the weather in Montreal) doesn’t allow for that. Regardless of that, I can still look put-together and feel good.

I hope that I can inspire every girl (and boy!) to look their best, no matter what, and not get intimidated by trends or what others choose to wear. Fashion is about finding our own individual style identity that suit our lifestyle, budget, and personality, rather than following someone else’s idea of a good outfit!

I spent that morning getting work done at a bakery, so I wore a comfortable but put-together outfit, appropriate for the Montreal weather, which is still cold this time of year (that day, it was -10˚C /14˚F). .

How about you? What are some of your every day outfit? What would like to see in a lifestyle blog that’s different?

[Photo Credit | Saba Sabati]

{ Pants Mexx || Sweater Gap || Belt Steve Madden || Booties Nine West || Sunnies Forever 21 || Laptop bag Marc Jacobs }


Fashion { Coral }

Another outfit I wore a few weekends ago when my sister was visiting. Since it was   a low-key weekend, I didn’t get too dressed up. I’ve been making a conscious effort to add more color to my wardrobe, and this bright coral sweater was perfect! I hesitated to get it, but my aunt loved it so much when I tried it on that she bought it for me on the spot, and I’m so happy (and grateful) that she did, because I’ve worn it many times since I got it. Just to push my boundaries even more, I paired the sweater with this neon yellow necklace that I got from SheInside.

What are some of things that you can do to switch up your wardrobe a little?

[Photo Credit | Saba Sabati]

{ Leggings American Apparel || Sweater Gap || Necklace SheInside || Wedge Sneakers Winners || Watch Michael Kors }


Fashion { Pink Weekend }

The universe answered (temporarily) my call for a personal style photographer and sent my sister for a few days. We were able to get a few outfit pictures, which is really great for me because she’s one of the only people that can make me feel comfortable and make me laugh in any situation. It’s so important to have a few friends that you are so comfortable around that you can truly be yourself, even when you are vulnerable (I’m extremely shy in front of the camera…).

The weekend was low-key, catching up and spending time with the family, so I didn’t get too dressed up. I love pairing a sweater with jeans, and then making sure to accessorize.

What’s your idea of a comfortable weekend outfit? What are some of the important parts to a friendship?

[Photo Credit | Saba Sabati]

{ Jeans Gap || Top Winners || Necklace Primark || Booties Nine West || Purse DKNY || Watch Michael Kors }




{ Instagram Fashion Diary 2 }

Clearly I haven’t been consistent enough with taking ‘outfit of the day’ pictures for my Instagram. But, here are the few pictures that I found lately, a few outfits from being out and about, mostly for running errands or going out to a cozy date night.

The reality is that I live in a really cold city, and looking stylish while making sure that I’m wearing enough layers to keep me warm is quite challenging. Most days, I have to wear my Timberland winter boots with my huge (but incredibly warm) Northface jacket. So maybe that’s why I don’t have enough ootd pictures and I should aim to take them before I put the many layers of clothes on?

How about you? How do you try to stay stylish but warm (if you live in a cold city)? And if you live in a warm city, well, good for you.. I’m jealous.


{ A go-to outfit when I have to spend the day at a coffee shop getting work done, and then go to the gym }


{ I’ve worn these pants so much since I got them! }


{ Date night outfit with my favourite sweater & my special Christmas gift, the Michael Kors studded large Selma }

Outfit { Birthday Suit }

Here’s a little glimpse of the outfit I wore for my birthday. It was a very small get-together so the outfit was quite simple. These pants are from Mexx and are incredibly comfortably, and I had been anxiously waiting to wear this necklace from Primark that I bought in Edinburgh. What do you think? Yay or nay?

{ Photo credit: Saba Sabati }


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Outfit { Blue & Floral }

After complaining that I don’t have a photographer to take outfit pictures, the world swiftly sent my sister to me! She surprised me for my 25th birthday and flew all the way from Calgary to spend two weeks with us. There are no words to explain how nice it’s been having her home.

Not only have we been having fun, but we have also had the chance to do a few photoshoots! Maybe I can convince her to move back to Montreal if I gave her a full-time job as my photographer? I wish…

Here’s a simple fall outfit – comfy pants from Mexx with floral details on the side that I fell in love with, a cotton top from Smart Set that’s so easy to throw on and is comfortable for long days of running errands, and a leopard belt, of course, to add a fun touch to the outfit. I’m also wearing my favorite wedge sneakers that I snatched up at Winners last year and still love because they are so comfy and combine two of my favorite colors!

{ Photo credit: Saba Sabati }


{ Instagram Fashion Diary 1 }

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to bring in more fashion-related posts into my blog, and have come up with quite a few ideas that are in the making and that I am very excited to share with you guys very soon. And until I have figured out how to take more detailed outfit pictures, I thought I would share once in a while a compilation of outfit pictures from my Instagram!

So here is a mish-mash of the outfit pictures I’ve posted on Instagram so far. Which ones are your favourites? Do any of you have suggestions about how to take outfit pictures if I don’t have a personal photographer? 


Scotland { Dunrobin Castle – Outfit }

We stopped at the Dunrobin castle at the last minute, and I am so glad that we did. It was absolutely enchanting and breathtaking. The structure was more modern and romantic than previous castles that we had seen, and at the back, there was a beautiful waterfront view with a huge garden with mazes of hedges.

I thought I would start showing a few more outfit posts, which I have a few to show you from my Scotland trip. We walked a lot so I opted for comfortable footwear and I think that these are good options that don’t compromise on style, especially the all-black leather ones. {These shoes actually come with a good story: while preparing for the trip, I was trying to figure out what shoes I should take. I didn’t like the options that I had (like any other girl with a full closet thinking, “I don’t have ANYTHING to wear!”) so I thought of getting these Converses that I had seen a while ago in stores. So I went on a hunt for them and couldn’t find them. I checked one last store and they had one pair left of the exact model that I wanted (leather, all black, with the thin soles), on sale for 50% off, AND the last size was my foot size…!} Needless to say, I was thrilled and I am still so happy with these shoes – they are great for traveling and walking around a lot.

The weather was also a bit chilly, especially when the sun had set, so I always had a wrap sweater and my trusted infinity scarf from American Apparel. This is a really great scarf that I just adore because it’s thick and can be used as a scarf or a nice wrap around.


{ Gap sweater | American Apparel infinity scarf | Joe Fresh jeans | Converse | Essie ‘Russian Roulette’ }


{ This castle was magical }


{ Especially loved the blue & gold details }


Restaurant Review { The Scotsman Edinburgh North bridge }

After an exhausting overnight flight and a quick layover in London, we safely arrived in Scotland and just spent a wonderful first evening in the amazing city of Edinburgh.

We first settled in our hotel, the Apex Waterloo, which is really beautiful, clean and welcoming. A shower and a short nap later, we headed off to explore the area and have dinner. We stumbled on The Scotsman Edinburgh North Bridge, where the menu offered traditional Scottish meals but more ‘gourmet’ than the typical pubs found at every corner (or like my boyfriend said, ‘there’s a corner at a every pub’). What I love about Europe is that you can see the history everywhere you go, and this restaurant was not an exception. The décor and the wood detailing was incredible.

As a starter, we had to taste haggis, which is a mix of different body parts of different animals (I’d rather not know the details so Google it!) Even though it did not seem appetizing, I was brave and had a bite: it was surprisingly not bad! Although it wouldn’t be the first thing I would order at a restaurant, I’m glad I tried it because it’s authentic to Scotland. The texture is very much like ground beef, but has a meatier taste, reminiscent of liver but the taste is not as strong.

As a main, I chose…fish & chips. I know, I know, a bit boring but 1) I was/am tired and did not want to over-think it, and 2) I was really happy with it because the fish did not taste too much like the ocean, while the fries were also delicious. The fish was perfect with the homemade tartar sauce, which has so much more flavor than what I’ve ever had before.

For dessert, I shared a dark chocolate mousse with marshmallow ice cream at the bottom, topped with thin short bread cookies. Although this satisfied my sweet tooth and chocoholic tendencies, I wouldn’t define it as quite a mousse but more of a pudding…very good nonetheless!

I’m already excited about exploring this beautiful country! Another full day tomorrow with many activities and sight-seeing planned so I will try and put up posts frequently!


{ Haggis served with whiskey jelly & parsnip }


{ Dark chocolate mousse with short bread crumbs and marshmallow ice cream at the bottom }


{ Toffee cake with vanilla ice cream and caramel }


{ Mini-matches!! }


{ Mini-whiskey! }


{ Loving my new leather converses, paired with dark wash Gap jeans and a black & white Zara knit }

Paris, je t’aime { Day 4 in Nantes }

While in Paris, my sister and I took a day trip to the city of Nantes, which is a three-hour train ride away. Not only did I get to see this beautiful little city where my sister studied for a year, more importantly, I was in the audience while she defended her Master’s thesis, which I am so proud that she got with flying colors! Even though we are in completely different fields, it’s really nice to have been able to share such an important moment in her career, and I couldn’t be more proud of all her accomplishments, past, present, and future!

While there, we were able to enjoy the city-wide exhibition, ‘Le voyage à Nantes’, where art pieces and exhibits are presented around the city in public venues. There is a colored line that is also painted throughout the streets as a route to follow to see all the art presentations. A really unique concept!

Since we didn’t do a lot of site-seeing, I combined the touristic and outfit pictures into one post this time.


{ First time riding on a TGV! } ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

{ The lime green line that runs throughout the city } ImageImageImage